Activities for Preschools.

Children at work
The whole idea of Scienza Viva is to stimulate each child's imagination, and to actively engage them in the process of science. We emphasise "Learning by Doing" so that each child is assisted to perform the activity for themselves. With Scienza Viva children are now given the opportunity to make their own discoveries. It is real science with a real scientist. Scienza Viva brings "hands on" scientific activities to preschools, primary and high schools.

What happens during Scienza Viva activities?

We tailor the activity for preschool children. We prefer to work in smaller groups of about twenty. The group sits in a semicircle so the presenter can see and assist every child as they investigate. There are no station activities or written instructions. The presenter leads all the activities.

What type of activities are available?

1. Minibeasts hunt in the soil/compost.

Children will be engaged in a hunt through compost soil samples that are provided to look for live minibeasts. See how many different animals are in a sample of compost and why they are important.

2. Science using food!

Children will see how many commonly used foods can be used to demonstrate simple scientific principles.
They will separate food colours, explore static electricity in foods using balloons, see what happens when we mix hot and cold liquids together. Find out how to tell a hard boiled egg without making a mess! They will make their own mini volcanic eruption using food products.

3.Mini Water Cycle

This has proved to be a popular activity. It is a fun activity where children will learn about water and the water cycle. They make and bring home their own mini water cycle (Terrarium). To finish up we will play a water cycle game.

4. Let's Have Fun with Science

A collection of hands on activities selected to engage children in the world of science. Activities include "Colour me a flower" using paper chromatography, Jumping Sultanas, making a falling weight mover (wheelie) rotate, fishing using magnets, Tornadoes in a Bottle and more.

Magnets 5. Stuck on Magnets

Children individually test metals for magnetism, look at the effect of magnets on iron filings, work out how to pick up non magnetic objects using a magnet, make butterflies fly and catch a fish to take home. We investigate an electromagnet, simple motor, magnetism through water and floating magnets.

Cost of Activities:$9.00 per child booked. (minimum daily charge for one activity $270). No GST is payable.

Size of Groups:The activities may be performed in groups of up to thirty children per session, but we prefer to work in groups of about 20, which better suits preschools.

Please contact Effie or Chris for further information or bookings

Ph 9874 3691; Mobile 0408 460 948 (Effie) or 0448 183 967 (Chris)

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