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It's 2020! Welcome to the New School Year!

We are taking bookings for all of 2020. Please contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.

Scienza Viva has provided science education services to schools since 2001. Scienza Viva provides a diversity of services, including:

NEW! Syllabus based hands on science activities for K-12 school students.

NEW! Interactive Science Shows for K-6 students.

NEW! NESA endorsed Professional Development courses for Primary School Teachers. Find out more here

NEW! Fully sustainable aquaponic systems - versatile teaching systems for your school. Is your school interested in sustainability, student-centred learning and a teaching resource with a wide variety of applications for both primary and secondary learning? Find out more here.

Aquaponics for schools

Why Call Scienza Viva?

NEW!Scienza Viva scientific activities for primary and high schools are hands on and are directly related to the school syllabus. We actively review our activities to better support the NSW Syllabus.

NEW!NEW syllabus based activities include Earth and Sky for Stage 3, Light Up the World for Stage 3, with a modified version for Stage 1, Fun with Forces for Stages 2 and 3, and Hot and Cold and What a State for Stage 2.
All were developed at the request of teachers, to enrich teaching of the new syllabus.

NEW!All hands on science incursions, workshops and shows are run by experienced research scientist-presenters.

NEW!Since 2001, we have visited around 750 schools.

NEW!All materials, instruments and teacher notes are provided.

NEW!Our prices remain very competitive, with the added advantage that we will run single sessions for smaller schools.
We will also work with regional schools to organise visits so that we are able to absorb the costs of transport and accommodation - most often we do this by visiting several schools in the area.

NEW! Scienza Viva also offers two enjoyable professional development activities for primary teachers, with immediate application to science teaching in primary classes. These courses are endorsed by NESA for the maintenance of Proficient Teacher accreditation.

NEW!We will develop new activities to your requirements.

NEW!Scienza Viva received Frater Awards from the Performances for Schools program of the Department of Education and Training, for consistent performance excellence.