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We offer information sessions to support promising athletes at secondary school level in making safe and healthy choices in their training and competition.

The sessions are presented by Chris Howe, a biomedical scientist who worked for twelve years at Australia's only accredited sports drug testing facility, the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory at the National Measurement Institute in Sydney. Chris has extensive experience in the development and administration of doping tests, and extensive knowledge of the World AntiDoping Agency's Code and Prohibited List, and the consequences of the misuse of drugs in sport. He can help provide guidance in the difficult areas of supplements and how they are viewed by the doping authorities. Chris has worked on Australian and international research programs in some of the most difficult problems in doping control, including blood doping and growth hormone abuse, while providing analytical testing and advice to national and international sports authorities, including WADA.

Chris has presented research in many settings, from schools to international research conferences and has publications in endocrinology, reproductive medicine, physiology and doping control.

Contact Chris for further information or bookings:

Ph 9874-3691, Mobile 0448 183 967