Scienza Viva has developed seven different extended workshops that can be run at your school. We also run these workshops during school vacation. These workshops are for small numbers of children, and run for two hours.

Workshop 1 Science Using Food NO NUTS USED. Ages 6-12 years

A diversity of fun scientific experiments using food culminating in making a mini volcano and film canister explosion. Children will take home a small kit.

Workshop 2 Wheelie Things and Water Ages 6-12 years
Two hours of scientific fun making water wheels, rubber band dragsters, cartesian divers to take home.

Workshop 3 Wizz bang Air! Ages 9-12 years
During this activity children will investigate the Bernouilli effect, make an air blower, mini hovercraft and let off air powered rockets and more.

Workshop 4 Body Fun Ages 8-12 years
Children will rotate around a number of stations taking their own blood pressure, pulse, listen to their heart beat, work out their BMI, perform chemical tests on their breath and more. They will make their own model lung to take home.

Workshop 5 - Forensic Flying Squad  Suggested Age 11-14 years
Children will be given a crime to solve (the murder of the entomologist Professor Henry Slugg). They will then rotate around stations doing various scientific hands on activities gathering evidence to solve the crime.

Workshop 6 - The Water Cycle and Environmental Fun Age 6-10 years
After working out how the water cycle works the children make their own mini water cycle (terrarium) to take home. We construct some other environmental items out of simple materials and play environmental games.

Workshop 7 - Science in the Kitchen  Age 7-12 years
During this activity we will delve into chemistry making our own cabbage juice pH indicator to perform tests on kitchen products. A great activity for children interested in chemistry. They will take home a small kit.

These workshops are taken in small numbers (up to 20 children)
Cost: $15 per child

Contact: Effie or Chris Howe (PhD)
Phone: 9874 3691
Mobile: 0408 460 948 (Effie), 0448 183 967 (Chris)

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