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Scienza Viva is a program developed to actively engage students in the process of science.

We primarily work with class groups, to maximise the hands on component of the incursion and the students' interaction with the presenter. However, we recognise that sometimes it suits the school to have larger group activities. We have developed the Let's Find Out Science Shows for this.

We have two interactive shows with student participation, and a demonstration show which was prepared in response to the need for caution during the pandemic.

The Let's Find Out Science Shows for primary schools

Let’s Find Out Science Show
The show has been developed for special occasions when larger schools want to stage a science event. The other activities we offer are hands on for all children and conducted in single class groups. The Let’s Find Out Science Show is an interactive show with demonstrations in physics (e.g. Bernoulli effect and water wheels), chemistry (e.g. redox reaction, pH and film canister rockets) and biology (e.g. giant stick insects), designed for a larger audience. (Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 - 60 minutes, minimum audience size of 100 children with a special price of $4 per child – can be taken a stage at a time if required, for the same price).
Let’s Find Out Science Show 2
We have developed a second interactive science show called "The Let's Find Out Science Show 2". During this show there are demonstrations related to density, water turbines, and a large component of chemistry, with colour change reactions, elephant's toothpaste and a genie in a bottle. We also include a few of the favourites from our first show - the Bernouilli effect, film canister bangs and water rockets.(Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 - 60 minutes, minimum audience size of 100 children with a special price of $4 per child – can be taken one stage at a time if required for the same price).
Let’s Find Out Demonstration Science Show
In response to the need for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed a new, purely demonstration show based on content in the first Let's Find Out Science Show. It contains more individual experiments to compensate for the lack of direct student participation.

Who is the Let's Find Out Science Show for? The shows are suited for primary students from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3. The shows are intended for groups of up to 100 students, and the presentation can be varied according to the stage of audience. Depending on numbers, we can present the show one stage at a time, at no extra cost.

What are the costs and conditions for the Let's Find Out Science Show?

Sydney Metropolitan Area:

Basic cost: $4 per child –Minimum invoice per session $400.

Minimum numbers: 100 students.

We need a suitable space to accomodate the students, such as a school hall or double classroom, with access to electricity and water nearby, as well as a couple of work tables.

We need an hour to prepare upon arrival, 15 minutes between sessions to re-set and 30 minutes to clear up at the end of the day.

Outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area:

Costs are as for the Sydney Metropolitan Area, but there are extra transport and travelling costs, depending on location. We prefer to waive these travelling and transport costs, if enough students are booked to make this possible. I would be happy to discuss ways to do this, for example, organising a combined visit to more than one school.


Payment is due at the conclusion of the activity on the day of the booking or within 7 days of the activity.

There is NO GST payable.

Who conducts Scienza Viva activities?

Effie Howe BAppSc (Environmental Science), MSc (Physiology), PhD (Fish ecology), GradDipEd (Secondary science).

Effie has over 20 years experience as a working scientist in universities and CSIRO, with publications in aquatic biology, physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology. She has accumulated a broad range of experience in field biology and in laboratory investigation and has been privileged to work in a diverse range of research environments.

As well as bringing these activities to preschools, primary schools and high schools, Effie’s teaching experience includes developing and teaching environmental biology and biology courses at TAFE colleges and Universities.

Chris Howe, BSc (Zoology/Biochemistry), MSc(Med) (Physiology).

Chris has over 20 years experience as a working scientist in biomedical research, in hospitals and universities, and worked for twelve years in sports doping control at the National Measurement Institute in Sydney.

He has a deep interest in all areas of science and the communication of science. Chris has presented research in many settings, from schools to international research conferences and has publications in endocrinology, reproductive medicine, physiology and doping control.

Please contact Effie or Chris for further information or bookings

Ph 9874 3691; Mobile 0408 460 948 (Effie) or 0448 183 967 (Chris)

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