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Welcome Back for Term 2!

We hope everyone has had a very enjoyable break.

Bookings are available for the rest of the 2024 school year.

Science Week 2024 is approaching as well(10-18 August 2024), and we have some bookings available in and around those dates. This year's theme is Species Survival - More Then Just Sustainability, and we offer a variety of activities across Stages that are relevant to the theme, and which support outcomes for those Stages.

Please contact Scienza Viva at any time to discuss your requirements.

Scienza Viva has provided science education services to schools since 2001. Scienza Viva provides a diversity of services, including:

- Syllabus based hands on science activities for K-12 school students.

- Interactive Science Shows for K-6 students. Find out more here

- Demonstration Science Show, based on the Interactive Science Shows, for K-6 students.

- Professional Development courses for Primary School Teachers. We offer a practical, NESA-accredited short course in preparation of simple hands-on resources for science teaching and learning. Find out more here

Why Call Scienza Viva?

-Scienza Viva scientific activities for primary and high schools are hands on and are directly related to the school syllabus. We actively review our activities to better support the NSW Syllabus.

-We review our range of activities constantly.
Many were developed at the request of teachers, to enrich teaching of the new syllabus.

-All hands on science incursions, workshops and shows are run by experienced research scientist-presenters.

-Since 2001, we have visited around 900 schools.

-All materials, instruments and teacher notes are provided.

-Our prices remain very competitive, with the added advantage that we will run single sessions for smaller schools.
We will also work with regional schools to organise visits so that we are able to absorb the costs of transport and accommodation - most often we do this by visiting several schools in the area.

- Scienza Viva also offers enjoyable professional development activities for primary teachers, with immediate application to science teaching in primary classes.

-We will develop new activities to your requirements.